About Carbon Fiber

Although musicians and Luthiers alike often view carbon fiber with suspicion in instrument construction, one should consider this: the reason that rosewood is such a desirable material for guitar back and sides has much to do with its hardness.  
The back and sides of an instrument should never be guilty of stealing acoustic energy that the top could use to produce the actual sound of the instrument.

This is carbon fiber's natural talent.  It is acoustically reflective, and is unparalleled in rigidity.  This, coupled with complete resistance to the humidity changes that so negatively impact instruments of this size, makes it the perfect candidate for this job.  

I love working with wood, it's warm and friendly and rewarding.   Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is a sort of unpleasant medium to work with.  I think that this element, along with general unfamiliarity, keeps it from being more commonly used.