Audio File Examples (mp3)

Stereo audio examples of Bob Groat playing one of his acoustic bass guitars...
Bass Example A

Bass Example B

Bass Example C

Ensemble Example (featuring all Groat instruments)

Each of these examples was recorded using the bass pickup direct (left channel) and a Lawson L47 tube microphone aimed at the sound hole (right channel). Both channels went into a stereo Vintech Neve 1272 preamp, were recorded to hard disk at 24 bit, 44.1 kHz, and then compressed into MP3 files.

If you isolate the left or right channel you will hear only the pickup, or microphone, respectively.

Ukulele Example A

Recorded using a Neumann hand held KMS105, AD preamp, Microtrack recorder

Interviews with lesser known bassists... 

Brad Kleff

Clyde Garrette

Lamont Elkke